am 21.07 und am 25.08 10:00 Uhr
mit Oliver Pollak

In this workshop we will explore how thoughts, emotions and feelings can be expressed through physical performance. We’ll focus on using the body as an instrument of expression, emphasising movement, spontaneity and rhythm. The aim is to move beyond traditional verbal communication and tap into the body’s natural intelligence and logic, freeing ourselves from the constraints of linear storytelling and cognitive coherence. The course is taught in English, but the teacher speaks German too. This workshop serves also as an entrance exam für unsere neue Theaterkurse. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. And don’t forget to bring a smile!

If accepted, the workshop fee will be credited towards the tuition fees. With an education voucher from the JC, the workshop is free of charge: Please request a voucher code from
Wenn angenommen, wird die Workshopgebühr auf die Studiengebühren angerechnet. Mit einem Bildungsgutschein des JC ist der Workshop kostenlos: Bitte Gutscheincode anfordern bei


21.07.2024, 25.08.2025